Ant-i2 is a next-generation selective wave soldering machine with the following features:
  • Two drop jet fluxer
  • Bottom IR preheating, optional with top preheating zone
  • One solder pot with two individual wave tunnels
  • PCB moves in X/Y while solder pot/fluxer moves in Z
  • Single soldering nozzle handles max 350 x 215 mm
  • Two nozzle could soldering max 350mm x 215mm parallel
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Three-axis full servo drive with ball screw movement
  • Standard equipped with wave height calibration
  • Real-time soldering process monitor
Offline Selective Soldering Machine Ant-i2 Specifications
    Item Ant-i2
    Operating power/Max power 7KW/13KW
    PCB dimension 50x50---350x450mm (when use only one solder nozzle), 50x50---350x215mm (when use two wave nozzles parallely)
    Machine dimension W1260mm x D1640mm X H1895mm
    Net weight 550KG
    Power supply 3PH 380V 50HZ MAX 34A Equip 40A contactor in factory
    Air supply 3-5 bars
    Exhausting required 200M3/h
    Controlling System
    Industrial PC Yes
    Typical Program Time 10 Minutes
    Program method Draw path in scanned picture of board
    Controlling system PC
    PCB Robotic Platform
    Axes of Motion X, Y, Z
    Motion Control Servo motors for X,Y,Z
    Position Accuracy + / - 0.05mm
    Flux Management
    Flux Nozzle type drop jet nozzle made in Germany
    Flux nozzle number 2 sets
    Flux Capacity 1L
    Flux Tank Constant pressure tank
    IR heater 5kw
    Solder Management
    Standard Solder Stations 1
    Solder Pot Capacity 35 kgs
    Solder Temperature Control PID
    Heat-Up Time About 50mins
    Solder Pot heater 380 ℃
    Solder Pot heater 2.4kw
    Solder level alarm standard
    Wave tunnel two individually
    Wave control servo motor, mechanical pump
    Solder Nozzles
    Mini Wave Nozzles Dia 4, 6,8,10,12mm
    Customized nozzle Available
    Nozzle Material Proprietary Alloy
    (N2) Inertion Management
    N2 heater Standard Equipped
    N2 Temp PID Control Range 0 - 350℃
    N2 Consumption per Nozzle 1.5m3/H Total need: 3m3/H (Recommend to connect with Selmate-4 N2 generator)
    Required N2 Purity >99.99%