1 Click SMT Wins 2022 EM Innovation Award: Unveiling Mas-i4 Selective Soldering Machine

  • 2022-07-29
  • Awarded machines
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In a wave of exemplary innovation, the 2022 EM Innovation Awards celebrated profound advancements within the electronics manufacturing industry. Among the array of groundbreaking products, the Mas-i4 Selective Soldering Machine stood out not just for its technical prowess but also for the exponential improvements it promises across the board.

Across China, the annual ceremony unfolds a carousel of cutting-edge technology, drawing the spotlight to companies that redefine the landscape of electronics design and production. This year, the spotlight turned to 1 Click SMT, an organization that has set a new benchmark in selective soldering.

The Next Gen: Mas-i4 Selective Soldering Machine

The Mas-i4 is more than just the latest in a line of advancements; it's a testament to precision engineering meeting the demands of agile manufacturing. What is truly remarkable about the Mas-i4 is its capacity to simultaneously solder four plates in parallel, a feat that not only revolutionizes production speed but also underscores the exceptional modular design.

In highlighting flexibility, the Mas-i4 allows for the individual optimization of each soldering point, ensuring that the most efficient process is automatically deployed. This is powered by the machine’s XY servo platform that controls the independent flux nozzles, 'Flux 1' and 'Flux 2’. With software control at the helm, these flux nozzles can automatically adjust their distance, with setup timing running at a nimble 10 minutes.

An aspect that markedly elevates quality — the preheating system — is also agile. An innovative combination of convection at the top and an infrared zone at the bottom ensures that the heat is delivered precisely where and when it is needed. This married system is pivotal to refining the soldering process, and it's a prime example of how 1 Click SMT has achieved a paradigm shift in the approach to selective soldering.


Space-Saving with the Mas-i4’s Footprint

It's not just about the sheer power of its functionality; the Mas-i4 is a lesson in space economics. Competing machines that bear the burden of multiple nozzles require a larger footprint, often exceeding 5 meters in length, and that’s where the Mas-i4 truly shines through. Despite the ability to solder four plates at once, this machine has been designed to occupy less than a third of the space of its rivals, boasting an area of 3.5 meters.

This clear commitment to space efficiency is not just astute engineering; it resonates with a corporate ethos that understands the various challenges and constraints that manufacturers face. Space is a premium in any modern manufacturing setting, and by offering a machine that does more within less, 1 Click SMT has demonstrated an understanding of the nuanced needs of its customers.

The EM Innovation Awards: A Hallmark of Excellence

The EM Innovation Awards are a revered institution, a byword for quality and testament to relentless innovation. Established in 2006, these awards are a beacon that illuminates the pathways of progress within electronic manufacturing, showcasing products and suppliers who’ve left an indelible mark on the industry’s landscape.

With a rigorous process that includes a thorough examination of key criteria — innovation, cost efficiency, speed/capacity improvement, quality assurance, ease of use, maintenance, and process reliability — the EM Innovation Awards are the gold standard. Each year, the level of achievement seems to scale greater heights, with the 2022 ceremony marking a pinnacle in technological prowess.

Conclusion: The Promise of Mas-i4 and 1 Click SMT

The unveiling of the Mas-i4 Selective Soldering Machine and the honor bestowed on 1 Click SMT is not just a celebration of one company's achievement; it's a celebration of what the future of electronic manufacturing looks like. This is a future that Ken Chien, the CEO behind 1 Click SMT, calls 'bright and challenging,' as the industry forges ahead with technology that isn't just groundbreaking but also responsible.

Responsible technology, according to Chien, is technology that considers the environmental impact and championing sustainable practices. With this ethos driving them, 1 Click SMT and Mas-i4 have positioned themselves not just as innovators but also as stewards of a world that is rapidly digitizing.

The Mas-i4 Selective Soldering Machine is more than just a product; it's a statement. It's a statement of how deep a company’s commitment to quality and innovation can be, and as we look towards the future, it's a reassuring one.

In the years to come, the Mas-i4 and others like it will not just be symbols of excellence; they will be the very fabric from which the electronics manufacturing industry is woven. They will be the enablers, the solutions, and the standard-bearers of an industry that’s evolving at breakneck speed. With the Mas-i4 leading the charge, the only direction we can look is forward.