THT Solder Joint Automated Inspection System

THT Solder Joint Automated Inspection System BA-450

BA-450 is an inline AOI equipment for THT component sodering joint inspection. it's equipped with HD digital camera and advanced algorithm, which can precisely and quickly detect THT soldering joint, reduce the misjudgement rate. At the same time, the machine uses intelligent color algorithms to assist the operator in debugging the program, making programming easier.
  • 5M Color intelligent digital camera.
  • 3 Color lighting source.
  • High stability platform with servo motor control.
  • Fast promgamming, by loading CAD coordinates auto search compoment library.
  • Based on Window 10 OS software.

1. High stability platform ensure machine running fast and stably.

2. X/Y servo motor with high precision ball screw driving system ensures running accuracy.

3. Equipped with 5M pixels CCD with RGB 3 color light source to ensure inspection accuracy.

4. THT solder joint detection:excess, insufficient, no foot, bridge, hole etc.

5. Easy programming: Automatically load CAD data to position component, and search component library.

6. Equipped with Data statistics software, easy to search and export detailed statistical data.

7. Equipped with barcode reading system.

THT Solder Joint Automated Inspection System BA-450 Specifications
    Item BA-450
    Image System Camera Top 5M pixels Camera
Resolution Standard: 15um
Lighting 3 Color lighting source
    Motion System X/Y Movement AC Servo motor ball screw and linear rail.
    Hardware PC configuration I5, 4 core, 8G RAM, hard disk: 500G ROM
Power Supply 1P, 220V,50/60Hz, 1KW
Machine Size W1099*D1100*H1700mm
Weight 486kg
    Software Operation System Windows 10
Programming CAD file loading, manual teaching.
    PCB Size Size 50*50-450*350mm
Thickness ≤6.0mm
Clearance Top/Bottom:80/40mm
Clamping Edge >3.0mm
    Inspection Catagories THT solder joint excess, insufficient, no foot, bridge, hole etc.