THT Component Automated Inspection System

THT Component Automated Inspection System DA-1200

Machine working concept: DA-1200 is a new kind of automatic AOI equipment for THT component with high-cost performance, which can be easily installed.
  • 12 Mpixels Color CCD
  • Flat white LED Light
  • Detectable size range: Max 400x300mm
  • Time for testing one board:1~3S

Simple installation: The equipment can be easily installed on the production line without any modification of production line.

Detection items: Wrong, Miss, Reversed, Skew, Redundant of THT components.

Ease programming: one-key programming for standart component, support offline programming, support online degugging without stopping production. Quickly operate the equipment after 2 hours training, Quickly change production line and make new program within 10 minutes.

Rapid detection: Machine is installed above existing conveyor, automatically inspect PCBA without stopping PCBA.

Intelligent algorithm: Intelligent neural network algorithm which can train the components with large sample images to comprehensively recognize the features of the components to improve the misjudge problems, and make programming easy.

Testing of multiple boards at same time: Multiple boards can be tested at same time, and various kinds of board layouts can be considered.

Data statistics software: standart data statistics software, easy to search and export detailed statistical data.

● Capable to connect with MES(option).

THT Component Automated Inspection System Specifications
    Model DA-1200 DA-2900
    Optics Specification Testing method Deep neural networks based methods, contrast based methods, col based methods Deep neural networks based methods, contrast based methods, col based methods
Camera 12 million pixel, Color CCD 29 million pixel, Color CCD
Light source Flat white LED Light Flat white LED Light
    Testing Specifacation Items of testing Wrong, Miss, Reversed, Skew, Redundant, 1/2W resistance and bigger than 1/2W resistance color ring. Wrong, Miss, Reversed, Skew, Redundant,1/4 W, 1/8W resistance color ring, printed character detection.
Min component size 3*3mm 3*3mm
Detectable PCB size Max:L400*W300mm Max:L450*W300mm
    Computer specifications Operation System ubuntu 14.04 64bit ubuntu 14.04 64bit
Industrial control computer CPU: Intel i5     Memory: 8G CPU: Intel i7     Memory: 16G
Displayer 22 inch 22 inch
    Equipment Specification Size W 640*D(760~1210)*H(1315~1700)mm (Desktop type without conveyor)
Weight 100kg 100kg
Power supply 1P, AC220V 50HZ 1P, AC220V 50HZ
Power 230W 230W
Operating temperature 5~45℃ 5~45℃