iWA-450/600 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Features

        PC+PLC control system.

        High quality sprayer driven by stepper motor.

        3 Bottom preheating zone +1 Top preheating zone.

        Hot air motor speed adjustable.

        Full Titanium dual wave solder pot.

        Solder pot in/out ,up/down automaticlly.

        Heavy duty titanium finger conveyor.

        Max PCB width 450mm.

iWA-450/600 Specifications
    PCB widthmax 450MM
    Running power /General power12KW/36KW
    Machine Dimension4465(L)*1550(W)*1812(H)
    Net Weight2100KG
    Controlling SystemPC+PLC control
    Infeeding Conveyor Height750mm+/- 20mm
    Conveyor Speed300MM-2000MM/Min
    Conveyor TypeHeavy duty Ti finger
    PCB DirectionLeft to Right
    Flux addingAutomatic
    Spray driveStepper motor drive
    SprayerST-6 spraying nozzle
    Preheat3 bottom hot air convection zone+1 top hot air convection zone
    Preheat power5kw/zone
    Preheating temperatureMax: 250℃
    Length of preheating zone tunnel1800mm
    Solder Pot VolumeMax: 550kg
    Solder Pot MaterialTitanium
    Solder Pot TemperatureMax: 300℃
    Wave NumberDual Waves
    Solder Pot Up/DownAutomatically
    Solder Pot In/OutAutomatically
    Conveyor TypeHeavy duty V finger
    Exhausting blowerStandard equipped 2 set, connecting port diameter: 200mm
    Air Supply3-5BAR
    Power supply3PH 380V 50HZ